Saudis To Punish Satirists With 5-Year Jail Terms; Bad Comics Will Be Castrated
Allan Ishac

The Middle East is an insane mess.

ntel vets

After reading Allan Ishac’s latest satiric takedown of our insane excuse for a national leader, I am of at least 64 minds, at least 65 of which are quite mad, not to mention crazy.

As I have mentioned a billion times, I am a USA born atheist Jew, 74 years old, not quite dead yet but working on it.

As a child I was sent to synagogue in Los Angeles, already an atheist. I was told that the founding of Israel was a great triumph for Jews. Unfortunately, as I have observed often in my long life, oppressed people as a general rule become nastier, more oppressive, and to get right down to poisoned, radioactive brass tacks, more evil than the people who oppressed them.

As the Jews claim (with good evidence) to be more oppressed than any other race of Homo sapiens, it follows logically that we are learning (very slowly, I admit) to be more oppressive than any other Homo sapiens race. I won’t say such words, as I am often called a

Self-Hating Jew, which seems to be the worst thing we can call ourselves

We started out fairly promisingly. Abraham (allegedly the first Jew) went off into the wilderness with Issac, Abraham and Rebecca’s only child. Right away this story provides convincing details. Abraham is 99 years old and his wife Rebecca is 89.

The story gets better. “God” tells Abraham:

Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!” “Here I am,” he replied. 2 Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love — Isaac — and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

In the 21st Century, where we all live, authorities, even in the surliest countries on our planet, tend to take a dim view of sacrificing your children as burnt offerings. Interestingly, many religious people, especially Christians, are quite obsessed with abortion. While I am not particularly a fan of abortion, I think it should be safe, legal, and as rare as possible. Even so, try to imagine any place in our current world where Abraham’s alleged behavior would be considered acceptable and sensible. If you do not like killing fetuses, who can sacrificing adult children out of the womb be a good thing?

Most people claim to believe in and love and obey God (the hundreds of versions of God that humans have invented). No matter where you live, please do not hold a child on a pile of kindling with a knife pointed at its chest. Few people will take your claim

God told me to do this to prove my obedience

with much admiration, not to say tolerance.

When I was young, in synagogue, the story of Abraham was presented to me with a straight face as entirely commendable and convincing. At 10 years old, even though already an atheist, I listened quietly and respectfully.

I was also told that the founding of Israel was a noble and inspiring story, and that Arabs, Palestinians, and Iranians (other people in the neighborhood) were evil, nasty, and bent on persecuting the Jews.

The Jews had been persecuted over the ages by many experts, until they ran into probably the most skillful persecutors in world history, the Germans under Hitler’s Nazi party. When Nazi Germany in general, and Adolf Hitler and his inner circle of charming followers, in particular, were finally stamped fairly firmly in the dust, the Jews who founded Israel said logically enough

We must never let anybody treat us again. The Allies in general, and the United States, in particular did the stamping, not only of Hitler, Mussolini, and their Japanese allies, but developed the most terrible weapons in world history, in particular the atomic (now hydrogen) bomb.

As the Middle East is arguably the nastiest, most hostile and combative region of our rather nasty species “civilization” on this planet, Israel said,

To defend ourselves we need our own nuclear bombs.

As far as I know, Israel has never come right out and said

Try to drive us into the sea or exterminate us, and we will turn you into a radioactive, nuclear wasteland, but it seems to be generally accepted as the HOLY LAND version of MAD.

It is hard for me to say what Israel stands for except

We want the freedom to live in our own version of religious fundamentalism.

At the moment, Turkey, hardly a bastion of international human rights and freedom of the press, seems to be the main source of pressure on the Saudis and their criminal Crown Prince. Perhaps Israel and Turkey could work out a joint bad/good cop pressure on Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps Israel could send a small precise nuclear weapon into Saudi Arabia.

It’s really a good thing I am not in charge of anything except tiresome imitations of Allan Ishac’s satire.