I did include a link to the study in my post — it contains the full questionnaire that was used.
Ivana Kurecic

We all have different talents. Mine is offending people. Don’t even ask.

The incomprehensible aspect to this is that I have been married to the only woman I ever mated with for over 52 years. As far as we can figure out, after the relationship started with a prank phone call (made by a younger brother), the pheromones worked. Basic mating is very simple. Tab A goes in slot B. Humans have been doing this for 300,000 years and now have overpopulated the world to the tune of 7.5 billion people.

I claim to be fairly innocent in this regard. One child, a lesbian mathematical medical researcher, the co-mother of a 13 year old child talking about going to Wellesley to study environmental law. The older I get (73 now), the less I understand. I think it’s called senility.