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I am sorry for my church that we have fallen so hard and so quickly for Trump. The white Evangelical church prides itself on its worship, its tithing, its witnessing — and its adherence to the Greek text in its Bible studies. But after being in the white Evangelical church for almost 50 years now, and sitting through hundreds of hours of Bible studies, centered in the Word of God and using the most current, authoritative Greek text to get the most pure message possible of what God is telling his church in America, recognizing that this same kind of teaching is going on across our nation— I see that the white Evangelical church in America has abandoned the Gospel and the Kingdom to go after Trump and his sure salvation for our many fears. We are fearful that gays will make us bake a cake, Muslims will make us pay the jizya tax, black and brown people will make us live with them in peace, women will make us give them power over their own bodies, poor people will make us care about their poverty, sick people will make us care about their health, and inner city residents will make us care about our gun violence.

It’s as if, to me, nearly 5 decades of Bible teaching has not really affected any white Evangelical beyond the identification as a white Evangelical with their guns, their opposition to gays and abortion, and their confident belief that the meaning of church is simply to be in church.

I am grateful to you, Dr. Rev. Barber, for being a man of faith and for being faithful. You have reminded me of the deep meaning of my Christian faith, of the necessity for observable behavior that reflects Christ in me, of the need to be a follower of Jesus to the point where I must go where he is going.

I pray for you daily, for your faith to be made sure, for your walk to be made certain, for your voice to be made clear.

I am grateful to God for you, and pray for your continued blessings in the work you do in the Kingdom.