Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead
Son of Baldwin

The “heart” icon isn’t appropriate here to recommend this article, but it’s the only tool I have to say “read this — this is important.”

I am grieved and sickened that men like Eddie Long can prey on our children, in church, and be absolved and admired.

My experience in church has been that it is (mostly) a safe place. But over and over again, unsafe, cruel, abusive, and destructive men (and sometimes women, let’s be clear) become the leaders whose actions are overlooked because they bring in fame, and people, and money. “You shall not touch the Lord’s anointed” becomes a philosophy of “Don’t ever look deeply into the pastor’s life, and don’t ever question the pastor’s decisions.”

I’m sorry this article had to be written because all the things that happened should have never happened. At the first impropriety, this man should have been ejected from leadership. By letting him continue, our children were damaged.