Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

I have actually taken a look at some of the Android phones as a result of my irritation at certain things Apple could have fixed with the iPhone long ago but has simply refused to (someone must be making money). They are simple, little, irritating things. For instance, after you finish a call, the phone should return you to the home screen so you are not left on a screen with a long list of people and their telephone numbers which, all too often, end up resulting in a pocket call. I hang up and put the phone in my pocket and invariably end up calling someone inadvertently. I am thinking about the call I just completed, not about making sure I return the phone to a screen that won’t result in a pocket call. Why can’t the iPhone do this for me? Why can’t Apple make this simple fix? Why can’t Apple make it optional at least, something I can choose or not choose in my options? Do Verizon and AT&T make a lot of money from butt calls? Have they insisted Apple not fix this? There must be something that prevents Apple from making this really simple fix. Another really simple fix from Apple would be allowing the First Alert and the Second Alert in your calendar of events to remind you 2 hours in advance and 1 hour in advance, respectively. Not the reverse. It is a really stupid little fix, but no, Apple won’t do it. Why? Why, every time I set up an event with one and two hour alerts does it reverse the order of the alert reminders? Silly, stupid little things like these have become repeated and constant irritations. I started with an iPhone 3 and now have a 7s, but I am seriously looking elsewhere.

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