top 10 absurd & ultimately bad things humans invented but not really

10. money

imaginary yet physical, money & the concept of currency has been heavily pathologized into existence & just will not go the fuck away. in densely populated areas its virtually inconceivable for most ppl to even attempt fathoming the notion that humans can actually live their entire lives w/o money, the concept of money, or the vaguest notion of ‘transactional’ as a communicable value system. believe it or not tho, its 100% tru, yet there are millions of ppl in the real world today who not only use money, but only ever spend their time thinking abt money & money-related accessories.

9. electricity

humans obviously did not initially conceive of this phenomenon, but as soon as direct current was linked to burning massive amnts of fossil fuels, holy shit was this an awful idea. now the entire planet glows a tungsten yellow from space & tens of thousands of broken satellites threaten to destroy all the working ones &/or crash to earth as metal rain. also, climate change anyone? great job edison, pls go fuck urself.

8. war

obvious… but if u rly need me to spell it out for u, this little gem of a concept eventually led to colonialism & harnessing the power of the sun as a show of dominance by way of flash-murdering a million japanese ppl in an instant. even not in full swing, maintaining constant conflict in strategic zones is how most occupying governments maintain social control at home & abroad. somehow, someone always being murdered somewhere got normalized, & the privileged among us dont spend any time thinking abt it, cause it keeps our lives inhumanly cushy. go figure.

7. computing

not even just bc of ongoing african, east & southeast asian child labor in the mining & manufacturing arenas of this monstrosity, but the digitization of things has given the species a false hope in ‘increased efficiency’ — whatever that means — that is vastly unevenly distributed in its functionality. a lot like money, virtual reality is becoming its own, separate, inconceivable & unwieldy yet integral part of how humans — & ultimately human systems — think: skynet already exists, & like a philosopher trapped in a grocery store staring at a bottle of green catsup, its in a perpetual state of asking itself ‘why ?’

6. castes

another obvious one unless ur a yt supremacist. there is less than 0.5% difference on average between urself & any other given homo sapiens sapiens, yet someone came up w the bright idea that u can arbitrarily treat certain phenotypically or linguistically different groups like, well, garbage ( incidentally the hypothetical 11th thing on this list ). whether its racial, gender, ethnic, or occupational, this was the shitshow that ended up serving us such looks as feudalism, the ‘untouchable’ dalit ppl of south asia, transatlantic african kidnapping & chattel slavery, &, my personal favorite, womanhood.

5. gender

speak of the devil ( no pun intended ), gender was a bad idea bc it literally doesnt exist as anything but an action. if ur still not convinced of this easily googleable, nuanced fact, its more visibly a bad idea bc people who happen to be born w vaginas are essentially forced to advertise that they have vaginas fulltime everyday for their entire lives from birth for no good reason, which is ridiculous & psychologically harmful for everyone, not just for ppl w vaginas. before u, a cis-prsn born w a penis, interject & say ‘i wld love to advertise my penis fulltime, i dont see what the problem is’, thats exactly the problem. our modern concept of gender is a pyramid developed in the 17th century w yt men who own land at the top, ensuring they nvr have to advertise their genitals as requisite to entry into personhood, so u, cis-prsn born w a penis, are not made to & may think itd be fun, but trust that it gets old incredibly fast, usually around year 12 of being forced to advertise ur genitals everyday nonstop to everyone u encounter, u end up wishing everyone who doesnt have to wld literally stop existing out of highly justifiable resentment. but guess what ? for some ppl, 12yrs is only 10% of the time they end up having to spend alive ! why do we keep enforcing this nonexistent & horrible construct ? idk, ask the ppl who spend all their time thinking abt money.

4. religion

where do i start w this one ? i guess ill just suggest looking up each of these words somewhere online in succession: anu, amun, brahma, iah, aten, iovis, yhwh, allah, vishnu, krishna, mitra, & christ. suffice it to say, its a personal conviction of mine that anthropomorphizing the universe was a major failing on the part of consciousness as a practice & that the sooner we can diffuse the boundary between humanity & other ways of being, the better. this shit makes no goddamn sense, & millions if not billions of someones are currently in the process of actively using this shit to oppress ppl.

3. science

just as bad as religion, an extension of religion, secretly bffs w religion. yt christians w an obnoxiously massive chip on their shoulder developed & monopolized the modern methods for this & even w/o christianity it seems horrible & exploitative & i want it gone. everyone i kno in academia says the old guard cares more abt tenure & being remembered than ‘good science’, which is a bad enough sign by itself. but if u remember, science has been used to justify & develop innumerable atrocities, & the scientists largely get off scot-free &/or are canonized despite their involvement, just like any other yt enterprise. u can take ur nobel peace prize w u to hell.

2. networks

the brain did it first, we just did it worse. the idea of linking ppl & systems together is sort of inextricable from how reality works, but all the things on this list are p horrendous in isolation w/o remembering theyre all linked together in one wicked, global mass of poorly organized conceptual & physical constructs ( sidenote: google ‘celestial filament’ ).

1. language

noisy, chaotic, imprecise, uninteresting. singing seems better. often dubbed humanitys trademark heritable characteristic, this shit eventually gave way to everything else on this list & encompasses the wildly upsetting subclasses of concrete language we call ‘math’ & ‘physics’ w their ‘infinities’ & ‘relativistic principles’, the usefulnesses of which are highly debatable, a fact that, in & of itself, is aggravating beyond belief.

honorable mentions:


yt ppl shit: if u dont live in an arctic climate, most of the time this shit is superfluous, puritanical nonsense.


everything humans do is art, for the love of god, pls stop denying it.


a little of this is fine, but industrialization is literally warping how life itself works.

the internet:

get me off this goddamn thing.


if actual shit wasnt bad enough, now, even our shit has shit.