First Year Experience

I am choosing to write about my experience as a first generation college student because being the oldest in my family i have no one in my immediate family that I can ask about having a 4 year experience. My parents never graduated from a 4 year university and I am the first to try to do so. I will describe my experience so far at the U and include how I got there and my aspirations for the future. Research Question: How will my experience at the University of Minnesota shape the way my family looks at a higher education? I think my college experience will influence others to pursue a higher education. I believe if future generations of my family see me as successful they will see higher education as successful. Success takes hard work and it won’t be given to you. Being an immigrant at a young age from South America shows how far my family has come to live the American Dream.

I would like to gather information about my experience through documenting what happens during a typical week in college. This could show how I see college and give examples of what I believe about my first year experience. I can recall the past for information on my journey on becoming a first generation college student in my family. I could this all the information to make a future goal on what I would like to accomplish and get out of my first year experience hear at the University of Minnesota.

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