Rough Draft
Yengcha Lee

Your Name:______Stephen Mohabir_______________________

Videographer’s Name:__________Yengcha Lee___________________________

Point: What is the “point” of this digital story? Try to capture it in one phrase or one sentence if you can.

-The point is to make people more aware of the diversity on campus and not to ignore it.

(point of view is “defining the specific realization” the videographer is attempting to share in this digital story)

Dramatic Question: Is there a dramatic question? If so, what is it?

-Yes there is a dramatic question. How can the University of Minnesota be diverse?

(dramatic questions create a tension that keeps people’s attention throughout a story)

Emotion: Were you, the viewer, emotionally engaged? When? How did that moment(s) make you feel?

-I felt engaged in the beginning with the tone you put out . The moment when you asked the question about the diversity on campus was the moment for me.

Voice: What were your impressions of the videographer’s voice? (consider rhythm, pacing, tone, etc.)

-I felt the pacing was good and the tone was solid throughout the video. I liked the subtle pauses in speaking throughout the video.

Soundtrack: Describe the soundtrack. Was it appropriate for the story? Do you have other recommendations?

-There was no soundtrack.

Economy: Describe the images that you saw. Was anything missing? Does anything need to be added (consider the assignment guidelines here as well)?

-There were no images in the video just you talking.

Pacing: Describe the pacing of the story; does it work in this instance? Do you think some sections need to breathe?

-You had a good pace throughout the story. He took breathes at the right times and had meaningful pauses.

Additional comments:

-Great job just add music and photos and you’ll be good.

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