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Melinda Gates

Dear Melinda,

Our small robotics company, Visions East, Inc. has developed the first practical system for using computer controlled robotics to apply coatings on marine vessels. We have already built a 54 meter long system and we are now focusing on the most dangerous coating process, the bottom painting of ships. Our technology creates high tech jobs and turns blue collar workers holding a spray tool into white collar technicians who make more pay while operating the system from a protected control booth. The system can more easily apply the latest silicone bottom coatings that have no heavy metals that harm the marine environment while increase the speed of the vessel, thereby lowering the exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. We are in preliminary contact with the Philippines to help them to attract ships to a system that will quickly do a better job using 40 percent less coating and returning the ships to service in less than half of the time. We are supported by Fanuc Robotics. May I send you more information on our “double Green” technology?

Yours truly, Steve Morton, Visions East, Inc.