Growth mindset

Sometimes you may know a lot of things,but as long as you have a fixed mindset and think that what you know is enough and you don`t require more then your fixed mindset is killing you then what is Growth mindset?,my recent most challenging learning experience will probably make you understand the meaning of growth mindset.

A day come when l had not attended classes for a php lessons for just a week the hard part of it was that,the trainer had just introduced a new programming language i.e PHP the week l had not come to school,that means l did not have any idea of what PHP was when l went to school the following week.

The following week l woke very early in the morning for my classes.Infact on that morning l was the second student in class room l found a friend of mine already in class,he was very serious studying so l had to ask why he was so busy to see where l could begin,since l had not been in class for the past one week.

“Hey you dont know that we have an examination to determine if you are proceding to the next level on friday”,that was the answer l got from my classmate.I was so scared,a php exams yet l don`t know any think about php?.l never went to my desk what l did was to throw my bag down and began asking question to know about php was..!! .It became one of my very challenging learning experience indeed.The most nice part of it was that l passed my exams.

Why do you think l passed the exams.the answer is simple the moment l heard there was some think new that was learnt in class during my absence l had my mind set to to know php and pass the exam if l had a fixed mindset and not willing to build my php knowledge within the 4 days l hard then l could have not make it in the examination to move to the next level.