Have you ever wished like giving up because everything you do is falling,you try your best but the comments from your LFA as still negative,You submit your work but they are not getting to the correct destination just to find that your facilitator is still asking for your work,I passed through all of this up and downs in the first 3days of bootcamp just to achieve the greatest milestone of setting up.flasks,pylint etc

My journey in bootcamp has been very challenging in this week1,but indeed have experienced and learnt alot,But today l would like to share my greatest achievements as a result of feedbacks from my facilitator,assistance from my team members and other bootcampers.

Have been able to learn that communication is one of the best skills especially when you are working on a project that has a time limitation and you can`t submit on time you have communicate to the concerned personnel that you wont be able to submit your work on time.

If there something else have learnt is to seek and implement feedbacks,feedbacks are good since by implementing the given feedbacks you improve in your skills.Have also learnt that it the best option to reach for other team members for help.and not die alone if you have been stuck yet you don`t ask questions .Indeed this bootcamp week have been of great achievements as a result of negative feedbacks from my LFA.God bless Andela .