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Ep 15 “Why Entrepreneurship Should be Taught in Schools”.

This is actually episode 15; which I split into two parts due to the nature of the content, it’s a rather large subject with many factors and routes that could lead to an individual’s personal success

Whats funny about this topic is that a colleague of mine discussed this topic with me recently and relayed that he was happy that it’s not taught in schools because businesses rely on the masses to be uneducated in their buying decisions; they’re easier to predict and read and sell stuff to. “A simple customer is an easy customer.”

Myself, I don’t 100% agree with the masses being stupefied for easier bouts of making money at their long-term financial dismay. I feel like If I could encourage just 1 more person per discussion to re-evaluate their understanding and knowledge of the way things are and how people are marketed ideas from a young age, then I can then at least say I did my part to encourage an alternative route of personal education — the way it took place for myself just a few years back. I believe in passing along the value.

I discuss this latest topic coming from a position of having gone through the traditional route and stopping midway to realize that it’s not all it’s chocked-up to be.

From the direction that exposes these (Normal Life) issues and discuss beginning down a road toward (Entrepreneurship) indestructible wealth.

In Part 1 (Why Entrepreneurship Should be taught in Schools), I discussed that there are so many factors to consider and so many routes that could lead to an individual’s personal success; the traditional route is not mandatory for social approval in this era as it has been in the past.

LINK: ShopTalk 15 Part 1

In Part 2, I go more in-depth with a personal endeavor Dynamic Results- Personal Training Studio, the process of understanding a financial education, What Assets and Liabilities really ARE and MEAN, and provide a few book samples I’d recommend.

LINK: ShopTalk 15 Part 2

Event sample:

Book Samples:

Sam Walton — Made in America

James McQuivey — Digital Disruption

Mark Cuban — How to WIN at the Sport of Business

ShopTalk is a video discussionary project that branched from Beer Reviews with a buddy of mine; additional inspiration from adam h. Michaels “Elevate with Adam”.