Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

Sasha The Consummate Whiner: have you actually learned nothing? R U a trainable Libtard HRC mannequin who tromps for HRC cause she’s a Woman? Is it THAT simple? HRC & Wasserman (now we know vi Wasserman’s Pakie hacker) rigged the Demo Convention — THAT’S what Bernie despises. HRC though she could just troll across the coastals & ignore the heartland: NOT. It’s Electoral, baby. It was Designed that way by the Founder for…(here’s a word you over-use but know nothing of) EQUALITY.

HRC sunk herself disrespecting the State Dept & Classifieds, cause, donthca’ know? She’s “the queen”: she make s the rules, not us peasants! She setup on Obama’s watch the CGI laundromat, & took $145MM from Russia (Gee imagine that?) for Uranium sale unauthorized. It goes on & on, dearie : your grandma must’ve told you what HRC never learned: before You go trashing your neighbors’ backyards — CLEAN UP YOUR OWN 1st. And, Stop whining: there’s zip future in that !