Bet on yourself!

Have you ever gone to a Casino?

There’s an electricity in the crowd.

The lights, the sounds, you hear bells ringing, people cheering and the clickety-click of the Roulette Wheel.

Yet, if you listen long enough you will also hear the collective sigh of the crowd when someone loses.

Yes people lose in a Casino.

They are counting on almost everyone losing just enough to make them a profit and ensure you come back.

I see that a lot in business.

It starts with an incredible idea.

The idea of ideas.

You have figured it out, you fine tune it, you massage it, you sharpen you efforts and pull the pin and start!

Then you get some help, wanted or not, you get opinions, you get the experts, you get advice from others.

What was your “Baby” starts to become something other than your vision. What you put you heart and soul into, maybe it almost becomes someone else’s vision!

Stop…. Pull back and bet on yourself!

No one will ever care as much as you do!

No one is willing to make the sacrifices needed for you to succeed at any cost, like you can.

After all you must, you have the ability to care about you, to find places in you that others can’t.

Betting on yourself will teach you that you can do so much more than thought you could.

Betting on yourself can show you the possibilities of your future and the electricity only you can generate.

Get your bells ringing louder by betting on yourself.