No Patience With Trump-buyer’s Remorse

I got an interesting phone call last night. It was from a guy I know who voted Trump. He runs his own business. He was looking for advice; what could he do, he has two Mexican men working for him. They’ve been in the US for more than 18-years, but are undocumented. “They are hard workers, and terrific guys,” he said, “But now ICE is trying to deport them. What can I do? This is awful.”

I told him I had no patience with folks who voted for Trump now that Trump is doing exactly what he said he’d do if elected. I told him that his two Mexican workers were a drop in the bucket of those facing the same deportation reality. I told him he voted for this, now he’s got it. And that I had no interest in listening to his whining now. And I hung up on him.

And so it begins, the largest wave of buyer’s remorse in the history of mankind. Just wait until these gullible fools see what Trump and his Vichy-Republicans do to their healthcare!

Anyway, it was somewhat reassuring, thought also supremely annoying, to hear from a Trump supporter who is, so to speak, “feeling the burn,” now. May it only get worse … for them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…we progressives are being told daily that we are supposed to try “to understand” the Trump demographic. Well, I do. I understand them all too well. They are ignorant of policy, in the information age where ignorance is more a conscious choice than some sociological mishap. They were angry… but about what? That automation and the imperatives of a capitalist system cost them their once high-paying jobs?

And so their solution was to elect a wealthy, 14K gold plated phony, conman with a personality disorder… And now we are supposed to “listen” to them, and show sympathy???

Forget about it. Give it to them with both barrels when they start squealing like rats caught in their own trap. Oh, and do remind them that, besides throwing our entire nation and parts of the planet into turmoil, they also planted the seeds of fascism in our Rose Garden.