Pity The Deplorables?

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November 20, 2016 by Stephen P. Pizzo, Author/Journalist

By Stephen P. Pizzo

My my, but how we go from one extreme to the other. I have spent the last week watching, reading and listening as reporters fan out to the Rust Belt and W. Va. to interview these “marginalized” folk. They are now getting their 15 mins of attention. And most of what I am hearing is a lot of whining about how change took their jobs away and how everyone on the coasts think they are ignoramuses.

First, yes, someone did take their old jobs away. Change happens. I lost count how many times I completely changed whatever “career” I was pursuing to pursue a different one when circumstances changed. I never once believed that any job I had would last forever. I assumed otherwise, and always had my eye out for the next gig. (Opportunity favors the prepared mind.) These folks instead decided the best strategy was to stay put hoping their old jobs would magically return…they were kinda our version of the So. Pacific “Cargo Cult” folk. No, the US military supply planes of WWII are not returning to their island, nor are these old jobs returning to middle America.

Yes I understand that the gov. that created these problems with trade deals never stepped up to retrain these folks. But how long does a smart person sit around complaining before they take their destiny into their own hands? Don’t wanna move? Well, then stay in W. Va and complain. Don’t wanna retrain yourself, try something different, start a small owner-operated business of your own? Nah, just wait until some reporter shows up and complain that someone has not come to your rescue.

I know this all sounds unfeeling and harsh. These are the things liberals refuse to even consider. The same goes for the dysfunction in our black urban communities. Far more black kids are killed by other black kids, not cops. Why then doesn’t the community (Black Lives Matter) protest and march after each one of those killings? Again, they’d rather look outside to find blame, and outside to demand resolutions.

So what we are seeing now are the “marginalized” whites creating their own “White Lives Matter” arguments –a variant of blaming white cops for killing blacks, but ignoring their own roles in their suffering. (Tho I will have to say that whining white folks are a thousand times more annoying than whining black folk, who have more legitimate reasons by far and away.)

Whining white folk are now the top of my list for dope slaps. Corporations gave them good lives, lives that did not require higher education of sophisticated skill sets. They gave them cheap or even free healthcare insurance. Then corporations took all that back, their jobs, their security, their healthcare, their middle class life styles. (As the right-wingers like to say: “A government big enough to give you everything, is also big enough to take it all away.) Just what the hell do these folks expect anyone can do to change any of that? It’s beyond me. Retraining centers in depressed areas, maybe. But there again, retrain for what? Coding? Give me a break. Coding will be done by AI machines with the next decade or before and they’ll again be out of jobs. At what point do we tell these folks that their next career/job is their responsibility, not “someone else’s.” Do we now move to make the government a national employment agency? Might be an idea, but I shudder to imagine the “quality” of jobs such an agency would produce. Maybe if FDR were still around I’d have greater confidence in a WPA-type move. But alas, there are no more FDRs…

So now here’s our intrepid media, once again, “trying to figure out what happened.” Suddenly the folks who imposed Donald Trump on America and the world are getting their time in the Kleege Lights. We will wring our progressive hands over “what we did to these people.” We were “snobs,” and “elitists.”

But, not all, by vast numbers of them are, well to put it kindly, “low information” citizens. And many are beyond that; downright dumb, ignorant, racists, anti-Semites…true deplorables. I don’t like those kind of folks. Widespread ignorance is deadly to a democracy. And today we see the result of that widespread ignorance. So I am not ready to climb on the “poor marginalized” white folk meme just yet. Give the choice of living in a country run by the over-educated vs. the under-educated, I know which I’d go for. Elites, in science, engineering, business, philosophy, are where I want to put my money, my hopes, my marbles — not on these self-marginalized folks who actually believed Trump can turn the clocks back.

The defeated DNC and our progressive minions will nevertheless spend the next months/years retooling their old memes — once aimed at black communities– to these white working class folk. Again Dems will become the “poverty pimps” of American politics, playing right into the hands of the Alt-Right folks narrative. Worse yet Dems will have to retool their messaging in ways they hope will pull these white folk away from the GOP. How do you do that with a group of people are really aching to see the return of a 1950s, white, Christian America? Folk who, when presented with the choice of what science can prove and their religious beliefs, chose faith over science. Dems will do that by ditching some of our most most fundamental principles, because the Dems are sure a hell not going to convince such people that diversity is a good thing, that religion and gov. can’t mix, that climate change is going to get us all killed unless we do something quickly. Tell them any of that and they’ll be out the door in a flash. So Dems will dumb down their messaging to attract the dumb. Great. Then we’ll have two parties vying to lowest common denominator types.

Nope, not on board with any of this. Not on board with “give Trump a chance,” business — never give a fascist a chance. Never. And I’m not on board with this elitist-self-hating march to mea culpa land. Could trade deals be better and less impactful? Sure, and hopefully they will be now. But trade is important and gumming up those works lead to nothing but worse conditions….read about the Smoot/Hawley Act.

American workers need to understand the kind of fast paced world we all must live in today, and then act accordingly. Elitists or otherwise, we all have to dance faster and learn new steps all the time. That’s just the way it is. One of the first things I told my boys when they left home and joined the working world was, “treat company jobs like filling stations along the road of life…go there, do what they want you to do, fill up your tank, then move on. Because, when they’re done with you, they will move on too.”

So there you are. These “marginalized” Americans have rejected the “elites” and put Trump and his possy of ignoramuses and neo-fascists into our White House, and soon onto our Supreme Court. Go pander them if you think you can change their mind…you can’t. What will change their minds is the pain that will inevitably come from their choice. Then, as happened in 2008 after the last moron they liked, W. Bush, ruined the economy, they will look to the elites to fix it again. And I’m supposed to suddenly care about these people?