Ideas to leave your competition in the dust

It does not matter the field in which you operate, the competition will be always there. In addition, that is a good thing because you will always try to be better and will improve your work, and therefore, your company. However, you need to be prepared to fight, so the customers pick up your product/ service against to the one given by your competition. Stephen Rayment and Mark Woodward Smith are owners of a company, a company that operates in many fields. So, here are few ideas you can apply in your company that may help you in the everlasting fight with the competition.

1. Your prices

Let’s be real — price is the biggest reason why the costumers choose one or another seller. In a time when each cent is important, this is quite understandable. Of course, the service is important as well, so that is the reason why these two things are connected. Therefore, to make your prices competitive you need to do something to lower the costs so you can have rentable incomes. The ways are huge, you just need to find the one that will suit your business.

2. Add some value

It is ok to compete with the prices but have in mind that there are different types of customers. This is the reason why you need to know your customers well. Many people love the treatment they got from the seller. Therefore, the kind wills, small gifts, free shipping for the international delivery may be the reason why they will choose you. Stephen Rayment gives the recommendation to create free economy areas in the places where is possible and motivate people with other things as well, such as money guarantee back, to buy from you.

3. Use marketing

Marketing is a powerful tool that everybody can use. People need to hear about you, what you do, and how you do it, and there is no better way than this. So, do a little investment in this part. Find marketing professional to create a powerful champagne that will point out your strong side and will attract as many as possible potential clients. Nevertheless, as Mark Woodward Smith says, your job does not end up here. Your costumers will come once, but the quality, fast service and the competitive prices, as a whole one, is what will make them stay.

4. Think forward

Nobody likes to be bored. Everything changes so fast, so better think and offer something before your competitors come up with something new, interesting and useful for your costumers. It all depends on the company’s field of operation, but it is important to be something that will add value and will be useful for your present, but also potential clients.

5. Give something as a gift

From time to time, it is better to motivate your costumers to buy your product using gifts or some other kind of promotion. Even if somebody don’t need the product in that moment, the probability that they’ll buy it is huge, since for the same price or for a price that has large difference between the regular one, they will get more.

It is up to you to explore all the ways you can use to become a step ahead before your competition. Stephen Rayment and Mark Woodward Smith succeeded to become one of the leading companies in their operating area following and combining these and other ways, so you will not lose anything to at least try- the results may be amazing.