Inspiration of the day: Stephen Rayment — the Group Managing Director of Systech Technology

Stephen Rayment is a Group managing Director, responsible for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, as well as America’s areas. The greatness I saw in this man comes from the capability of managing he has. He is responsible for the policy matters and all the strategic plans the company have. His strong personality, knowledge and responsibility made his company a leading global construction consultancy that has a reputation as a company where you will get high quality, low costs and really, really well-managed services. As Stephen said many times, reputation is a sign of success, so the reputation his company have said much about him as well. 
But, nothing in life comes easily. For Stephen Rayment, there were many obstacles that he needed to go trough, so he can become what is today. He had to pass through numerous frauds that had been imposed and for which he needed time to clear his and the face of the company. It was not easy, but his perseverance was pay off. The 70s and 80s he spends on developing on expertise on construction projects as a major commercial property developer and project manager to the specialization he has in preparation of dispute resolution and contractual claims. The desire for success, the continuous setting of new life goals and knowledge are the reason for the steady progress of Stephen. Starting from 1994, he is leading his company in a global world, broadening its business on several continents. Opening branches in the Asian Pacific region, and then expanding to Singapore and Hong Kong, the success of Stephen does not stop here. The business continues to focus on the Middle East and US markets, and offices in Australia, Korea, Abu Dhabi and many other countries. He adds his business strength and power due to the addition of key services through the acquisition by Systech Solicitors, making its customers a unique combination of services, all under a single brand.