Systech International provides in-house training for Samsung C & T

Staying informed and up to everything is a key for being competitive on the market. In each area of working, there are regulative, new laws and orders that need to be respected, new programs and models to follow, which are the path for better performance. Unfortunately, due to the responsibilities and a huge amount of work, sometimes is impossible to keep track with all the news that are coming up.

Systech International is a company, who besides everything else is a consultancy proficient company that is here to help you to be informed with everything. They are organizing in-home training for their clients, all delivered by some of their professionals. There are so many reasons why this method of working was shown as a very successful one. Firstly, the training is led by highly-skilled professionals who explain the problem using a hands-on projects experience. Another remarkable thing is that the experience will be shared also by a legal /construction professionals, in an interactive group session, with a usage of real projects and real problems. Also ,all the training’s are planned according to client’s time, to suit their best requirements.

The range of available training courses is huge. Commercial and contractual awareness project healthy check, construction law review, UK bribery act, use of visualization, project insurance, supply management, adjust few of them. As a professional, they are working carefully with each client to ensure that all the content that will be presented will be relevant to their field of working and will hold them to achieve the objectives they have. Due to the combination of academic and practical elements they provide, they are enhancing even greater understanding.

Many successful companies trusted this company so much and they hired them to improve their work. Samsung C & T is one of the companies that are happy to share their successful story. This company is founded in 1938, being a parent company of the well-known Samsung Group. As a company designed by the Korean government to be the first company that will be a trading leader in the overseas sale.

Today, Samsung is a corporation that is one of the most famous brands which operates through its offices in more than fifty countries. As most of these corporations, and Samsung operates in several areas such as construction and engineering, investment and trade, fashion and resort. The impact that this company has is visible through the projects behind which they proudly stay.

The cooperation between the two companies started in November 2015 when it was made an agreement for cooperation. With this agreement, Systech is obliged to offer the Samsung conducting training for their employees. The objective of Samsung here is to provide training to their employees that they would become qualified personnel who will skillfully manage international projects.

This is implemented through a 2-week plan where two experienced presenters in their field, with experience of high level, will impart knowledge of the employees that will be associated with their goals and objectives. Interactive training are conducted through case studies and practical sessions in which better communicate information.

The presenters of this in-house workshop helped greatly to their customers better to receive all the information, thus, and the feedback was amazing. The training were conducted at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sungkyunkwan, due to the partnership with Samsung Group faculty. Knowledge of these training has received about 40 employees of Samsung, who are willing to earn an even greater success. Systech International is always there for its customers. Thanks to specialists from all fields operated by this company, they carry a lot of training and counseling and help to other companies to become better companies that will enhance their work. If you are one of the companies who would like to improve, select any of the training they offer and enjoy the blessings that will arrive.