Why I Run

One night, my mom told me
“If you’re going to keep
running, why not do a race?”
With no retort, I signed up for a 5K
and came in third place.

It started long ago.
A kid, tired of sleepless nights
and tired of looking in the mirror,
decided to create his own inner-might
and uncovered a dormant furor.

At first the miles dragged on
and his successes proved few.
Yet, as he struggled to center himself,
the soreness gave his thoughts a different hue.
He took another breath
and carried on.

As friends’ faces faded
and his mind grew jaded,
running became a constant.
An anchor in a sea of answers

After four years of breath and sweat,
two injuries and countless cramps,
three worn-out pairs of treads,
and hours chasing champs,
I run still.

When the doubts start to infiltrate,
when the anxieties at the edges slink in,
I follow the most natural instinct:
I run,
heart, mind, and limbs working as one.

Now another year breaks over the horizon.
Do not let the unknown rule over us:
gather your courage and forward, rush!
Charge into the rising sun.

Yeah, you could run with me
if you wanted to
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