Easy Ways to Celebrate National Dessert Day

When I was researching on the national day calendar that came out nearly I found out 14th of October marks one of the sweetest holidays because there is National Dessert Day. Sounds like a delicious day, doesn’t it? And I’m sure you would want to celebrate.

Dessert Day encourages us to celebrate by selecting our favourite delicacies and pleasing in them. This is the period of the year whereas it is forgivable to pamper yourself into a sweet ride to your favourite dessert place and have a plateful of your favourite candy, ice cream, puddings, doughnuts and more.

National Dessert day is one of the many celebrated food days in America, but it doesn’t mean only Americans should celebrate this occasion. If you love dessert this day is for you, dessert lover from around the world can enjoy, they need no specific date to celebrate!

Desserts to Share with Nearby Friends

Chocolate Blackout Cake

We just had to include chocolate cake on this list! Chocolate Blackout Cake life-changing cake, with whole milk yogurt for moisture and espresso powder for depth, cream cheese chocolate frosting for the layers. Blackout Chocolate Cake is made with dark cocoa for that super-rich look. It is moist as heck! The original recipe and its hidden chocolate formulation were never released. Sharing this blackout chocolate cake with friends really helps to bring a smile to their face. This chocolate cake to tide you over.

Christmas Pudding

Key consideration menu that you should choose to provide at your party. There is a bunch of different type of Christmas desserts that your guests will be looking out for! Nothing does more surprise than a magical land filled with tasty treats corresponding to traditional Christmas puddings. At Stephen’s Fine Foods we have a wide range of mouth-watering traditional Christmas puddings. Let your guest travel and test through and mixing, matching and having the perfect foods for their sweet tooth. Party flavours no longer have to be the boring same old. Put in some fantasy and add a twist to it.

Christmas pudding a type of dessert traditionally served as part of the Christmas dinner in the UK, Australia, Ireland and other countries.

Coffee Cake Doughnuts

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There’s no denying the desire of a good slice of coffee cake. The cinnamon crumbles, glaze, and overall taste of the doughnut was like eating a piece of coffee cake, in doughnut form. There’s something tremendous about a hot cup of coffee with a side of coffee cake doughnuts. Perfect for a delicious Saturday morning breakfast! Coffee Cake Donuts with Cinnamon Streusel Crumb topping, you owe it to yourself- Enjoy!

Beside this yummy desserts, there are some fun ways to celebrate this day to remember for a long time. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Get CRAFTY! Now Halloween is right around the corner, why not decorate your pumpkin in a sweet, dessert theme? This will be a high way to get crafty while staying in the spirit of the holiday!

2. Who doesn’t love DIY gifts? You can send a gift in a jar to your baker friend! We adore gifts in a jar because they can be customize to the recipient and they just look so darn cute. You may find shop from which you can find more variations of cute Gift in a Jar!

3. Show the world or simply your online friends that you are sweet and celebrating this National Dessert month by sharing a quote.

National Dessert Day is a day for people to feast their sweet tooth and to go far and enjoy the dessert of their choice. Whatever you decide, Dessert Day is your opportunity to indulge in your favourite treats and maybe relive some old memories while doing so. Explore some classic traditional Christmas desserts from around the world.

However, what is your plan to celebrate this national dessert day? Let us know on comment box!