Such trite, transparent bullshit.
Kenneth Lynch

I think the author does a great job of addressing the fact that most people around the world are not going to volunteer to go vegan, so this isn’t a practical solution to the problem. We don’t have to stop consuming animal products entirely, but we do need to find more sustainable ways about it. I personally like the idea that meat and dairy could be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. If we know they are linked to cancer and other health issues, aren’t we obligated to provide the same health warnings as other products? I’m sure you’ve seen that people still drink and smoke, knowing the risks, but more of the money generated by those industries go to education and healthcare, hopefully helping to reduce future demand and to care for the aging generations that are using a disproportionate amount of healthcare resources. I’m still an omnivore, but in becoming more selective about the meat and dairy I eat, I end up eating much higher quality food in general. The more you cut meat out of dishes, the more you realize that many dishes are actually better without it! 2 years ago I was making all the same arguments that you are to justify my (and society’s) consumption habits. But humans are not carnivores, and we never evolved to eat as much meat as we currently do. If you don’t care about animal welfare, then do it for your own health, or for water conservation, or for pollution reduction, or for energy conservation, or whatever cause you do care about. It is all connected.

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