DSLRs vs. Mirrorless Cameras: The 10 Crucial Things You Need to Understand
Alex Schult

Straightforward and simple analysis, I believe you’ve covered the most important points (though you might want to add sound as Joshua suggested). I’m a DSLR shooter, as the pleasure of shooting through an optical viewfinder is central to photography for me (I guess you might categorize this under ‘fun’). Another note to add regarding price as well: there are always great deals available on used and older model DSLRs, since they’ve been around for so much longer. My secondary camera is a used Canon 50d purchased from a friend for $90! And I rarely spend more than $100 on a lens.

For anyone starting from a phone camera and looking to upgrade, I would actually suggest investing in a high quality set of phone lenses paired with a high quality phone camera, such as the latest Google and Apple offerings (I use the Google Pixel XL and I’m continually impressed with it). Add an app that gives you full manual control of the camera (such as Lightroom Mobile), and perhaps a photographer’s phone case and tripod mount to improve the ergonomics, and you’ve got a camera kit on par with a low end mirrorless or DSLR camera, but one that you’re far more likely to have with you at all times. And we all know the best camera is the one you have with you…

Curious how the Pixel XL stacks up against that $90 DSLR? I got you.