Why I Get The Flu Vaccine Every Year
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

The Cochrane Collaborative, an internationally respected, independent medical research group examined 50 influenza vaccine studies with over 70,000 subjects. They reported that flu vaccines are only moderately effective against A and B type influenzas, with one case prevented for every 100 people vaccinated. They noted their findings were probably skewed by the fifteen studies paid for by manufacturers. Flu vaccines did not help immune compromised patients or the elderly reduce sick days or avoid hospitalization from flu like illnesses or pneumonia complications.

The British Medical Journal, after reviewing multiple studies in 2006, reported the “optimistic and confident” claims for the effectiveness of influenza vaccines “were so at odds with the evidence conflicts of interest make it difficult to separate factual disputes from value disputes”. Another meta-analysis found that all 247flu vaccine studies funded by the manufacturers reported positive results. Few independently funded studies found benefits. If science is defined as repeatable experiments, does this extend to funding sources?

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