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It’s That Season Again


As summer rapidly comes to a close we are preparing for the beginning of another school year. During the hot and steamy months of July and August America’s children have been doing what they do best, being children. Backyards and local playgrounds were amass with young children, running, jumping and joyfully screaming. Not a care in the world, as it should be. Parents felt assured that their children were safe at a neighbors swing set, city and village playgrounds or away at summer camp. Parents and children crowded the beaches feeling quite secure under the careful eyes of teenage lifeguards. The good old summer time. Soon this will all come to and end.

Soon mothers will be trading in their relatively stress free summer holidays with the kids for the hectic schedule of school days filled with trips to the bus stops with their children, teacher conferences, cheer leading and athletic practices. Before all of this there are the trips for school clothes, backpacks and school supplies. Soon will come the class pictures and the magazine sales and school fundraisers. Playtime will be replaced by soccer practice and homework and worrying about schoolwork and making good grades. The same activities, worries and traditions that have been a part of the school year for years. But now things are different, for parents, children and teachers.

During the summer months one thing was absent. There were no school shootings! With school starting soon parents will be under the new added stress of sending their children off to school, not knowing if they will return home alive! Children, who once left for school only fearing a school yard bully or getting reprimanded for not doing their homework, have to fear that they could be shot and killed seeking an education. In Japan, England, China and every country of the world children happily kiss their mothers good bye as they anxiously and joyfully start their first day of school. Not here in the United States. Here going to school is a dangerous frightful activity experienced only by children in war torn countries such as Syria.

Children of the world set off for school with the knowledge that the adults in their lives are looking out for their welfare, parents and government officials alike. Not so in the United States. Parents care, but our government officials value money over the lives of the children in their constituency . They line their pockets with money from the NRA to disregard any sensible gun control. They constantly fall back on the protection of the Second Amendment, while disregarding the lives of our children. They never once give a thought to the framers of the Constitution being concerned about the well being of their children over their appetite for money. They are unwilling to offer anything more than meaningless “thoughts and prayers” to save the lives of hundreds of children every year.

It is sad and unfortunate, if not utterly disgusting, that this time of year, the fall, ushers in both hunting season and school shooting season. Many avid hunters anxiously await the hunting season to practice their sport and put food on the table. At the same time mothers and fathers, at the start of the school year, live in fear that as they send their sons and daughters off to school, they may never see them again. Getting and education has become a life and death situation for American children. America, what have we become?