A Letter To Hannah

To My Sister Hannah,

When you were born, it really changed my motivation. I wanted to build a better world, a world you would be happy to live in. I wanted to see you have opportunities I never did as a child. Where my progress and fascinations were stifled by lack of resources, motivation, and information, I wanted your life to be full of abundance, so you could chase your passions down what ever path they take you. I wanted to see you find something you loved and become a master at it.

That’s the reason I left. To go out into the world and build a life you could be proud of. Show you what is possible. Send the fruits of my own struggles back to you so you can use them to fertilize and seed your own garden.

Right now you are young, too young to read this, but I feel that I should start recording the wisdom I gain, and the struggles I go through, so that you may understand when you are older what it takes to live a life worth living.

My first hope for you is that you never pursue success. Instead, that you pursue mastery. In the last few months, I've come to realize that success is not a challenge, it’s not a goal, it’s a figment of our imagination. The only real success in this world is failing so much your feeble attempts at practice lead you to mastery. Be it in math, writing, dance, sports, or anything else.

It will be challenge that fuels your happiness and growth. I hope that when it feels impossible to take one more step, to sing one more note, to solve one more equation, to make one more draft, that you push through and find the passion and determination with in you to keep going.

With Love,

Your Brother Stephen

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