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I’m here to help everyone understand why you’re in pain and how to help yourselves out of this miserable state of medical neglect.

In the past 50 years, the medical science communities have solved every miserable pain problem that used to wreak havoc on humanity. This one is the one. This one has been removed out of the standards of care out of greed for profits. This one is not a simple pill or surgical procedure. This one is a way of life. Why? The number 1 most deadly painful problems are created invented and perpetuated by the American Medical Association and societies by clever cloak and mirrors.

It turns out that life and living cause pain and misery. The solution for life and living pain is to take care of yourself with awareness.

The American Medical Association left out muscles from the standards of care. It turns out that muscles are the only organ system which contains tissues that demand daily stretching and flexing to help heal the collections of wounds and scars. Deficits of stretching and flexing >10,000 hours will end with muscle tissue failure which is complex regional pain syndrome.

Here is my updated pain and misery eradication recipe RX1. The only ways and means to help, assist, nurture, activate, reactivate, break up, ignite, fuel, natural healing for the single pain problem of all times.

Rx1 for the patients to DO!


S = Stop. To breath, meditate, practice Kadat-Zinn Mindfulness, “Seeing in Divine” to leave stupid human-mindedness behind. Be like the perfect Creature example, Dog, God spelled backwards. Dogs do not think, believe, or “see in human images” and words.

S = Stretch. I suggest 3–5x/Day with awareness, intentional with a lot of effort for total time 30 minutes/day — EVERYDAY — FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Yoga and Pilate. Pulling out the kinks, knots, and scars will unlock release the day’s worth of kinks and scars. Pull at a steady force as per Newton’s Laws, a “curative force” which will help nature heal from the inside.

R = Restore. Rejuvenate, Re-think, Re-build, re-boot, forgiveness, charity, mercy, and grace etc.

M = Move. Muscles need to be stimulated with aerobics, dancing, cycling, tennis, swimming, and Zumba.

D = Decompress. De-fragment the junk from your Mind, Body, Soul, and Life. Dump the Drama.

L = Love-Yourself. Self-love is powerful soul food, Forgiveness of you too! Love of all. Please Read Miguel Ruiz S = Supplements. Daily doses of Multivitamin A-to-Z, Mega B complex, trace elements; Magnesium and selenium.

P = Pamper. Prayer, Plan, Pay Attention, and Hot Baths Epsom’s Soaking = Heat; Hot Packs, Infrared Heat, and Cold Laser @ home.

A = Actions. Take control of your destiny, the only way this restoration recipe will work!

M = Muscle. See Deep Muscle Tissues Options below. Myofascial demands daily release techniques such as using balls, bars, and knobs, touching, kneading, cupping, massage, unwinding, kneading, pulling, pushing and tennis balls, acupressure or the electric massager.

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