Surgeon Calls for A Powerful Patient Union With Actionable Liability Levers
Hooman Noorchashm

Wondering why all hell has broken loose?

Our MD predecessors are to blame!

Guess what? 1 Million MDs are trained to 1st betray. I should know because I figured it out!

The misstep of 1940, the first hip replacement was the date the AMA crossed the line from helping humanity to playing Gods truing 350 million innocent citizens into valuable organic materials.

1960 the time when Muscles were removed out of sight.

99% of MDs can’t see these sinister seeds.

It only took me 25 yrs to dig down deep enough to find these pieces to the puzzle.

The frightening part is that 99% of MDs are blinded to muscle and muscle therapeutics.

The 1 or the 1st step in the SOAP is touch, feel, validate, confirm, and certify based on the patient’s words is now a “void”, null, zero, “0” and nonexistent.

NO touch — NO talk — NO eye contact — Cesar Millan, the way we treat K9s is now legalized standard of care.

Until The 1 is restored nothing will happen good or Godly.

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