10 Years Ago I Collapsed From Burnout and Exhaustion, And It’s The Best Thing That Could Have…
Arianna Huffington

Arianna, I love this article! The last article I wrote was about this same topic and I personally can relate. Burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough sleep ended up taking a toll on my health. Oh the warning signs were there, but I chose to ignore them because all my life I had an endless supply of energy and was able to bounce back.

That was until one day when I crashed and burned from Adrenal fatigue — I no longer had any reserve. In the process of pursuing success at any cost, I had forgotten to take care of me which ultimately was the most costly. I was forced to put my career and life on hold to finally take care of me which was a slow process.

This is one of the most self-sabotaging, damaging things we can do to ourselves and so prevalent in today’s society. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a wake up call to get our attention. It certainly got mine!

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