The basic idea is that citizens are stakeholders and must both pay a subscription to take title in income generating benefits of society, and are due a dividend as natural beneficiaries and inheritors of society
You put the case for Basic Income into its true context.
Dr Alastair McGowan

A simple rule to include each in money creation requires each sign an actual social contract agreeing to cooperate with society, and to accept money in exchange for our goods and labor, in exchange for the rights and protections of society, an equal Share of the fiat credit borrowed into existence as money, along with the income generated

Money must then be borrowed from each, through their individual sovereign trust accounts.. each containing a limited right to loan about $1,000,000 USD (eq) into existence to finance secure sovereign debt, (money) and each then receives an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt

This is a functional tax on capital, as it is a tax on all money creation, paid directly to each through their bank, and the various sovereigns simply make their debt payments

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