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And debt is how we create money, which there is too little of to provide each the rights described in the UDHR

There is no reason to believe that any commodity will be useful for backing currency, and certainly not as currency

Money is an agreement, an IOU, debt

And fiat can create enough debt and money to enable useful economic reform, by providing each with a trust fund of fiat to act as the secure capital each needs to be enfranchised in a capitalist economy

Debt is not an evil, it is a simple accounting, and by maintaining a sustainable level of debt, and paying the interest directly to each, the individual trust funds produce a basic income, and the trusts distribute that fiat proportionally around the globe

I noticed recently that Luxembourg has the highest GDP in the world and also the largest per capita external debt at over three million dollars, but since they also own more debt than that they have a positive net worth

This would allow each to own the interest-only on enough potential debt to provide basic needs, the return on that trust will depend on how much is borrowed, and each will have some access to secured loans at the established sustainable sovereign rate, for home, farm, or secure interest in employment

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