Right here on Medium there was a significant increase in violent threats, violent imagery, plans of intentional sabotaging of the Trump administration within the commentary on many stories since the election.
It’s an expectation because there was well publicized threats of violence and the left has been…
Kyle Plate

And it is your assumption about the motivation for these threats

Just because someone writes something, doesn’t mean that it is true, or that it is a reflection of their true beliefs, or intent

A person would not advertise their intent to violence in a public forum, unless they had no such intent, or were assured that no repercussion would result, that’s just stupid

But it makes every bit of sense that people who lie about everything with confidence, because they can, without question from those they have recruited, and blindly follow, would

Try to answer to yourself, how does causing violence at a peaceful demonstration sabotage the trump administration?

How stupid must these people be to think that random acts of violence would do anything but provide “the right” with more motivation to hate their neighbors

People who wanted to provide “the right” with more motivation to hate though, would do that

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