Four global economic trends we need to take seriously
World Economic Forum

Apparent to me, the core problem is the availability of sustainably priced credit

The countries on that list all have rather ubiquitous access to credit less than growth rate, but poor countries do not…

..and the credit available to them is not only expensive in interest but in accepting coerced conditions, they are further impeded

I’ve been making a claim that simply enfranchising each adult human on the planet in the process of money creation will provide a stable foundation for a sustainable and inclusive global economic system, with only the tiniest of changes…

…really just some form creation and editing

A rule that all sovereign debt shall be backed with Shares of global fiat credit that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, for deposit in trust with their local deposit bank, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries exclusively for investment in secure sovereign debt, as part of an actual social contract…

..allows each to go to their bank, sign a social contract, claim a personal sovereign trust account holding a limited right to loan about a million USD equivalent into existence.. and start collecting an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt (because it is the support of each, our cooperation, and our acceptance of this currency in exchange for our goods and services that provides the value to money)

Global economic enfranchisement is a simple and valid change, from the perspective of human rights, as well as a pragmatic desire for a stable, sustainable, and inclusive global economic system

Please examine the rule

Thanks for your kind indulgence

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