Response Scott Santens?
Jonathan Roseland

Appeal to authority?

He won’t engage me in conversation any more…

..since he doesn’t seem to want to answer why he thinks the full faith and credit of white people is worth more than folks with more melanin

About this though, you are essentially arguing a straw man, that has been constructed by gatekeepers like that guy, who support a continuation of the status quo

While costs will certainly decrease, particularly on basic needs, a sustainable and functional global economic system can’t really provide for the needs of each without the direct input of each

A Basic Income needn’t be welfare, and needn’t take anything from anyone, like with global economic enfranchisement

The fiat money you decry is all money now, commodities and property may be real, but money is entirely a human intellectual construct, we just haven’t democratized the process of creation, which is incredibly easy (relatively anyway)

A problem with fiat currency of course is the open ended ness, the lack of a rational limit, which is addressed with a rule for international banking (the free market) that requires sovereign debt be backed with Shares of a standardized global fiat credit…

..that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, for deposit in trust with their local deposit bank, exclusively for the purchase of sovereign debt, as part of an actual social contract

This then is not welfare, but compensation for cooperation, and for providing the full faith and credit that money is created from, each reasonably collects an equal share of the interest…

..this should be included in any social contract, and social contracts should be actual documents, with the full force of law (which is more valid if each formally agrees to be bound by it)

Valid point about there not being enough money, but we can see that the potential for enough to exist can be manifest by simply allowing each to claim the limited right to loan a sufficient per capita quantity into existence

Working back from that $1,000/month, at a sustainable 1.25%, $1,000,000 of capital will be required, per capita

Requiring the Shares to be kept in individual trust accounts not only establishes bank accounts for each, but assures the investment is reviewed by local fiduciaries and actuaries as sustainable and useful…

..also note that this creates a surplus of sustainably priced credit available at the local level, worldwide, proportional to population

With access to such a line of credit, each level of each government may invest productively, and each sovereign individual will have access to secured loans for home, farm, or secure interest in employment, at the sovereign rate…

..the ubiquity of money then creates a state of saturated spending, where spending is limited only by the availability of material and willing labor (full employment.. at things one is willing to do)

With each endowed with a trust that allows the creation of $1,000,000 at 1.25% interest, the potential exists for each to receive a Basic income of $1,000/month…

..current global sovereign debt will return about $20/month, which could assure each access to clean water anyway, and illustrates just how far short of money the system is to function sustainably

As sovereigns increase debt, along with revenue, the Basic Income increases, and trend holding, costs continue to decrease, governments begin to compete for citizens/depositors, the eventual Basic Income will be the result of market factors

Good luck ragging Scott, or any of the gatekeepers…

..and thanks for your kind indulgence

..oh, and about the computer thing

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