When Black Joy Has White Witnesses
Dominique Matti

As a different person, I’ve been alienated from pretty much all colors of people, along with constant pain. (fibromyalgia, formerly called “there’s nothing wrong with you”)

I understand and accept the validity of your feelings, but are they significantly different than the feelings of any who arbitrarily exclude people based on skin color?

I think black joy needs white witness. Please know that at least one white man is overjoyed with the new Daily/Nightly show.

But moving forward, I’m suggesting global economic enfranchisement, for all colors of people.

My place in the world:

We are born into a world claimed by beings who learn and laugh, advance and conserve, build, and build again.

Such a world requires the activities of many different sorts of people.

Some people like to keep things clean, so activities are safer, healthier, and more fun.

Some people like to make delicious food, teach, serve and protect, make clothes, build houses and factories and farms. There are so many things we can do, in our place in the world.

How shall I find my place?

First we learn, and laugh, at school. This can seem tiring at times, because we need to know about many things, to find the ones that will make our place in the world. We need to know many little things, to see the big things clearly. So pay close attention to your work, and learn, because we need plenty of time to laugh.

Laughing helps us find our place in the world. Our place is where we laugh the best.

We each advance by learning new skills, and practicing old ones, to get better and better. Our world advances by having everyone cooperate, and take care of their own place in the world.

We each conserve by caring for our place, and keeping it healthy, for those who will come after us. We all care for our world by learning how it works, and the best ways to keep it healthy, and happy.

We each build our place in the world, we find jobs, and homes, and chairs, and we arrange them to suit us. We all build the roads and rails, towers and trails, and buildings large and small. Some do the building, and many more do the many other jobs that help everyone get the things they need, to live in the world.

We all claim this world, and when we are grown, we each can claim a share. We cooperate with each other by pledging our share to support our community, and agreeing to follow the law. Our community provides protections, payments for the use of our shares, and whatever other benefits the community includes in our social contract.

Your place can change.

As you learn different things, and different things make you laugh, your place may change, little by little. Sometimes, we learn of different places, and sometimes we change our place in the world all at once, changing communities, and social contracts.

Some find their place right where they are, and live and grow there all their days. Some change places over and over, learning different things, and ways of doing.

You will find your place, because you are in it now. Your place will always be where you are, and if you follow your laughter, your place in the world will be filled with joy.

With all people equally enfranchised, perhaps we can can begin to see each other as the same, but different.

Distributing the interest on sovereign debt to each adult on the planet would provide such a structure, by simply allowing Commons shares to be claimed for deposit in trust at local banks.

Requiring sovereign debt to be backed with Commons shares is the only change needed, and would require the reinvestment of the money currently backing sovereign debt.

Current sovereign debt would pay each adult human about $10 USD/month. This would create the structure, and a trial for basic income, that has the validity of inclusion, while avoiding problems associated with migration, and relative inflations of currencies.

Funding the structure at this level would not increase taxes, as the debt payments are currently being made. Many states paying higher than 1.25% interest on sovereign debt, would have reduced tax liability.

With the structure in place, as revenue increases due to the reinvestment of a couple hundred trillion dollars, and the increase in spending on basic needs, states may increase their debt, for investment in infrastructure, or cash reserves, to increase the basic income.

Then we can let the level of basic income evolve with market pressures.

Thanks so much for your kind indulgence, and sharing.

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