Humans need goals and the big goal needs to be space
Aiden Rohde

Biggest obstruction is that we don’t see ourselves as a planet of humans

I’ve been suggesting global economic enfranchisement for pretty much every problem, but providing an equal share of something to each adult human on the planet is particularly well suited for enabling an acceptance of all humans as a group

While my personal view is that since we are only accessing a tiny bit of the surface of this planet, the notion that we are in danger of running out of material seems absurd…

…providing economic enfranchisement to each will enable a sustainable future on this planet, and I would prefer to demonstrate our ability to terraform a planet by stabilizing this one

We don’t even have the circumferential floating gardens and highway, yet, or our space elevators

Though certainly by providing global economic enfranchisement there will be no way to stop the expansion (I expect folks will be building spaceships in their barns)

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