Scarcity is a fiction created by money. I can explain. Coercion is a force (power) created by the transferrable nature of money and the dynamic which grants necessities only to those who accumulate enough money to afford them. Until you eliminate the transferrable nature of money, you can’t rid society of scarcity. But you can’t eliminate the transferrable nature of money because money, by definition, must be transferrable.
I’m sorry people are not responding positively to your proposal. Don’t lose hope.
Perry Gruber

But the scarcity of money, as I demonstrated, can be eliminated…

…by providing non-transferable Shares as capital

As you note, money must be transferable, as it is the lubricant of exchange… but so are all the things transferable, like food, and chairs… that is the point, to facilitate exchange

How is it that the transferability of food doesn’t make food the problem?

Now the nature of reality may be manifest by our minds, it is a moot point though, until we can simply manifest food, and stuff, there will be a need for exchange…

If NBR is transferred to a person, for their work, and they transfer it to someone else, or give it back, in exchange for something, it is money

How is it anything else? At the very least it is an accounting, which is also what your algorithm does, and which you also are against

If you develop an algorithm, you are deciding, subjectively, what ones effort is worth, while that may be better for you, it is not better for me

“Measured by how much one’s output makes life on earth better or not”

How can this possibly be objective? This algorithm is a creation of your opinion, and can not possibly be valid for each person on the planet

If there is an algorithm controlling every aspect of our existence, how do you imagine this isn’t government? It would be, in fact, oppressive, coercive, with you having the last word, forever

I would so much rather be judged by humans, in a widely varied association of various cultures, than be judged by you alone…

…I don’t believe you are God

You spoke of providing freedom, but for you to determine the relative value of things, or establish a criteria for determining the value of things, eliminates freedom

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