I am no economist.

“Cheating” is kind of subjective

The economic system functions according to rules, but the rules clearly favor wealth…

…so is it cheating to create rules that exclude, or impede others?

While the economic system is not a zero sum game, as money can be created by loaning it into existence…

…but because the amount of money in existence is too small to adequately support an acceptable level of existence for each, the system is functionally a zero sum game, as the wealthy are disproportionally advantaged, collecting the gains from the restricted power to create new money

Specifically, it is the interest paid on new fiat backed money, along with additional fiat backed money created by borrowing against borrowed money placed in savings, which allows banks to lend even more money into existence…

The trend, and logical progression, is that great wealth will eventually own everything, playing by the rules

Also not an economist, but it is clear that the fiat, full faith and credit of a country, is provided by each individual, and interest paid on these loans creating new money is rightfully the property of each, as opposed to a central bank

A relatively simple rule requiring sovereign debt to be backed with Shares of fiat credit, that may be claimed by each adult human on the planet, for deposit in trust with their bank, as part of an actual social contract, will correct this

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