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Do you have a position then, about taxes?

You complain of the greedy wealthy who will not help their fellow humans, but claim they should not be taxed

Several times you have repeated “To whom much is given, much is required.” Just what do you, mean by that?

Is your position that none should be taxed, or just the ones who are not wealthy?

You obviously spent some time collecting irrelevant data, but I can’t tell why, claim that no one should expect a fee ride, but people who are born into trust funds, who have a free ride, should be exempt not only from the rule of God but from paying a fair share. So why do you bring up the dictate?

Is it in this situation alone that you have no desire to compel transgressors to obey, but those you perceive as lazy, in spite of working significantly harder to survive than one with a trust fund, you feel compelled to deny a place at the table?

Mind that your perception, as you note, is not a fair metric

You say here, “Some truly have too much, but so what?”

So why did you bring it up in the first place? My position has consistently been that I don’t care how much anyone has, and that I don’t particularly care how any given government collects taxes, that is a matter for the social contracts.

About using the same words: “NO ONE SHOULD expect FREE RIDE at the expense of others”

I don’t have many different words to say “You mischaracterize Basic Income” as I have suggested it

It is not a fee ride. It is an agreement to cooperate with society, to voluntarily forego freedoms, in exchange for the support and security of society.

It is not at the expense of others, any more than the income produced by a trust fund is at the expense of others, because it is the income produced by a trust fund…

…and since the trust fund is a quantum of fiat, no one is getting something for nothing, each is actually getting nothing (fiat) in exchange for something (cooperation), and only by agreement and cooperation does this particular nothing provide an income

Summary: Any concerns about health care or taxation or any thing other than getting each paid the same amount from the same place, are irrelevant. Calculations of what any who needs to whatever are irrelevant, since the structure I describe does not guarantee anything beyond each getting paid the same amount from the same place

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