Why world mistrust must not threaten the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
World Economic Forum

Each of these goals will be enabled by simply enfranchising each in the global economic system

The establishment of a simple structure to pay each adult human on the planet an equal share of something, anything, is a reasonable first step toward global equality, while providing separate and more equal systems within wealthy countries can only further alienate those in poor countries

If you want the people’s trust, prove that they are actually regarded as humans with value

Give each their Share of the fiat credit that finances our economy, establish actual social contracts that they may hold their governments accountable to, and pay everyone first

Even if it’s just a dime, there will be a structure connecting us, an enfranchisement inviting our vote, our support, our complaints, and providing adequate potential to meet the stated goals

Thanks so much for your kind indulgence

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