I’ve yet to find a model that starts with a clean slate and reimagines society from the ground up, free of the limitations of existing social contracts
Project 2030: A Radical Plan to Solve Global Challenges with Emerging, Distributed Technology
Michael Haupt

Free of the limitations for whom?

Individuals have fought for ages to claw these bits of sovereignty from kings…

..you will arbitrarily throw them out, and leave individuals with no protection, no rights, no known structure, no rules?..

..only the oversight of an algorithm.. which will determine the needs and desires of each.. and provide all to each.. without cost or obligation

Everyone gets the penthouse

The base assumption here is that you are smarter than the sum total of human thought throughout time.. I disagree

“Humans are constantly evolving organisms. To evolve further, the question is: how do we select, from the many alternatives, those that are most appropriate?” ..Jacque Fresco

This here though, from pg 18, is a simple statement of eugenic principal, that there should be a central authority deciding what genetic attributes humans may have… as opposed to trusting, and allowing humans to each decide

“Unfortunately, we are in the habit of thinking that someone has to make decisions regarding our needs.” … “The question is, can we grow beyond thinking that someone has to make our decisions for us?”…Jacque Fresco

There is no difference to the individuals if an external decision is made by a computer or an elite few… and the notion that a computer is not the same as an elite few is strained, because the algorithms will be written by, and express the beliefs of an elite few… so the thinking is maintained

This simply allows a ruling elite to control each through the curtain of a supposed beneficent algorithm…

..and by selecting the attributes that ruling elite desire in a complacent and compliant underclass, they can assure what percentage will want the penthouse.. problem solved

If this is not the case.. why disregard without consideration a positive and productive path to an inclusive society of abundance?

Why cling to a preconceived, and unsubstantiated notion that money must be eliminated?.. ..that all the hard won rights and protections we have gained should be discarded in favor of nothing but faith in, really nothing…

..because there is no structure provided to examine, only vague promises, and instruction to imagine… “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”.. imagine that what we say is true, believe…

..all while demanding strict scientific rigor in the redesign…

..and shunning ‘elitism’ and pretentious citations, or demands for proof of assertions.. who needs proof when you can imagine

“I must again emphasize that this approach to global governance has nothing in common with the aims of an elite few to form a world government with themselves at the helm, and with the vast majority subservient to them. This newer vision of globalization empowers each and every person on the planet to be all they can be, without living in abject subjugation to a corporate governing body. The question is, can we grow beyond thinking that someone has to make our decisions for us?” ..Jacque Fresco

How is each empowered? With promises? Assurances? Claims?

How will each contribute to the writing of this yet to exist central control algorithm? How will we assure that we are free, without recourse? What protections from abuse, or seizing control?

..the answer is, TBD.. use your imagination.. we must bring all likeminded people together, to find these answers together…

..but there will be no questioning of our position on money.. so nothing can really be accomplished.. except fund raising.. WTF?