We need to create the structures that allow for many humans to add value in new ways that have not been valued in a capitalistic society
Turning automation and ensuing unemployment into the greatest opportunity in human history
Gregg Alpert

Here’s a simple structure to establish global economic enfranchisement

..to adress an objective challenge that must be confronted

The fact that there simply isn’t enough money, and the challenge to create sufficient money in such a way that enriches each equally

To illustrate the point; In order for each to receive a sustainable income of $1,000/month, there will need to exist a corresponding $1,000,000 of capital returning a sustainable 1.25%, and $7 quadrillion of capital simply doesn’t exist

Note that to achieve any of these stated goals globally, values and wages need to become fairly consistent across borders, so any Basic Income manifest as a single state welfare distribution scheme tends to work counter to goals of global acceptance and inclusion, exacerbating the difficulties of people living in countries that can not afford to provide such welfare payments

A structure/rule that simply allows each adult human on the planet to claim a Share of the fiat credit backing our global currencies, for deposit in trust with their local deposit bank exclusively for the purchase of sovereign debt at a sustainable rate, as part of an actual social contract…

..Will provide each with a quantum of secure capital that returns an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt..

…and by depositing the Shares in trust with local deposit banks, establish the potential for the creation of that $1,000,000/capita of capital, worldwide, proportional to population, shifting more global investment decisions to local fiduciaries and actuaries

Please consider the advantages and likely effects of such a rule change, and thanks for your kind indulgence

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