to share or not to share, that is the question ….
I like your stuff but you have it backwards, me thinks.
Clifton Middleton

Here’s why it isn’t backward…

…poor people are already willing to share… I’m not searching for citations, but there has been a number of corroborating studies demonstrating this…

..and the wealth will not learn this

By creating sufficient money, sufficient sustainably priced credit, money, and the resources acquired with it, becomes even easier to share, and the people can begin to operate a system of plenty, where the super wealthy are provided their every whim, at a ridiculously premium cost…

..and they may accumulate whatever objects please them… retaining prestige, and glamour..

…but they will lose the power of coercion….

..I believe that is a fair settlement..

.wonder if Louis would have gone for it, in 1790?

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