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Hey Dr. Joe

I have to point out, the complicit science denial on the left, that has reinforced the power of anti-science

The prohibition of that medicinal herb has been consistently supported by both sides, in spite of the fact that no proof of significant harm has been demonstrated, either in the criminalization, or in the decades since…

…while the legislation strictly forbids the consideration of scientific evidence… with bipartisan support

This recent rumination of a select group of 10,000 of the still insufficient studies reports the same inconclusive associations that have provided propaganda these decades past… claiming varying degrees of subjective confidence in unsupported conclusions that ultimately, and conspicuously absent from the assessment, provides no proof that cannabis causes any significant harm to users or society… while continuing to assert that, it may, that more study is necessary, and cannabis users are bad

When you consider the division unnecessarily caused in society world wide by this baseless prohibition, and all baseless prohibitions, you may come to understand how this corruption of science has directly supported that one… it also becomes increasingly clear that the harms associated with cannabis are in fact caused by the prohibition

The backlash from Nixon against the anti-war hippies and their complicit psychiatrists was not fought by the democrats demand for scientific rigor, but instead agreed to, in spite of the previous tragic example of what prohibition brings

The effects of this defamation have, and will continue to be suffered by those with a natural affinity for the herb, and those instinctively following a protoreligious path imbedded in their ancestry, because of this disregard of science

So, in the largeness, climate change is a bigger problem, but the prohibition has enabled the deniers

Thanks so much for your kind indulgence

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