The Emotional Burden of Debt
Jane Hwangbo

Hi, I understand, like most

I’m developing a different perspective though, on debt, that may mediate the emotional burden… with acceptance

The economic structure that demands this absurd indebtedness to acquire an education is based entirely on debt, and even if your personal financial situation includes no debt, you still owe a part of the national debt…

…and we each owe a debt to society for the infrastructure, and society owes a debt to each for our tolerance and cooperation

Debt can be a useful tool, as most everything is done with borrowed money

Note that Luxembourg has the highest per capita external debt, but they are owed more than they owe, and one of the highest per capita GDPs

We can live in an economy of plenty by accepting a sustainable debt

By allowing each to claim a Share of the fiat backing sovereign debt, each may own a quantum of secure capital to begin their adventure, and avoid much emotional strain

Thanks for your kind indulgence, and good advice

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