I’ve Seen The Future. It Looks Like Appalachia.
Travis Lowe

Hi, thanks for the piece

I ask you to reconsider a basic income from a different perspective

As enfranchisement in the global economic system

The foundation of our global economic system, fiat credit, allows some to create money by loaning it into existence

When we allow each adult human to claim a Share of this fiat credit, a limited right to loan money into existence, at their bank, for deposit in trust, not only will each receive an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt, but each bank holding Shares in trust will have a surplus of sustainably priced credit available… world wide

In this way each receives a basic income from property they own, paid through their bank, the various sovereigns simply make their debt payments, and spending may become limited only by the availability of material and willing labor… full employment

I agree with your premise, and believe this will enable a clear demonstration

Thanks for your kind indulgence, and reminding me again how beautiful Appalachia

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