who prey on minority mothers to have abortions by placing their facilities In minority neighborhoods!
Actually, if you wold examine Hillary’s bigotry it is far worse than anything Trump has been…

I don’t see the presence of a health clinic enticing women to become pregnant so they can go get a fancy abortion, just because it is available

Do you imagine the well-to-do women get pregnant just so they can go to their gynecologist for a pill? Just because it’s in the neighborhood

Is it at all possible, do you think, that the clinics are in poor neighborhoods because that is where the people are who need care?

She really is an unapologetic prohibitionist, which is the anti-scientific force behind the militarization of law enforcement, the mass incarceration, and the exclusion and disenfranchisement of millions of Americans, but there is no indication that she has any interest in taking guns away, or affecting any further reduction in constitutional rights (as long as they have control over some group)

Arguing about contrived and baseless paranoid imaginings makes one look unhinged, giving support to the object of your ire