Intellectual Safe Spaces are Really Danger Zones
Vivian Winslow

I have to think the danger is in addiction to safety, and not the place to hide from perceived danger

Children benefit from the safety and support of unconditional love, though certainly, as you note, to progress and grow one needs to move out of that space

Also certainly college is time for that

The only concern is for the mental health of those individuals unprepared

Not that they should be shielded from challenge or discord, just that a safe place should be available

Though that would likely best take form as the ubiquitous availability of counseling

No doubt that effective growth is enhanced by challenge, difficult for me to accept a green light for harassment of at risk folks to suicide though, as if failure to achieve sufficient emotional maturity, or personal understanding by a given point in life should act as a selection criteria

Valid point to consider though, thanks

And thanks for your kind indulgence