Do you envision this idea to be something implemented in the next couple decades.
Tim Knowles

I see this as being implemented at any time

“…more like the level of debt will be determined by what will be most beneficial for the “powers that be” in each sovereign entity.” — Yes, as it should be. The powers that be are those in control, whether by acsent or domination, that is the process accepted or suffered by the people, and with enfranchisement the powers that be will necessarily gravitate toward the many, along with the bulk of money

“Who pays the interest on the sovereign debt?” — That is entirely the business of each sovereign entity, and as I note, no change in taxation will be required to establish the structure, with a minimal return, and again as noted, individual sovereign secure loans for homes, farms, or secure interest in employment may increase the return without government involvent…

…any increase may even be paid for with a tax on wealth and not income, or land value tax, it is a primary discussion for the local social contracts, and only unnecessarily complicates the discussion of global economic enfranchisement

The notion of debt spiral is addressed with the per capita limit placed on available fiat credit, this acts as a debt ceiling

The point to note here is that the maximum possible debt is serviceable, and a budget balanced with a debt of $269 trillion, and a treasury of $250 trillion is pretty much the same thing, just more responsive and flexible…

…and funding a UBI with the debt payments and virtually no administration.. so a well controlled and proportional expansion of debt is even more possible

I suggest that it will be easier to add $19 trillion to a treasury of $250 trillion, with a $269 trillion dollar debt, than it will be to reduce our debt to zero with no treasury.. besides, if we pay off the debt, money disappears, and most of all we need more money

“It seems there are too many ways this idea could go wrong or just be ineffective.” — How? mind that the objective is to get each paid an equal share of the interest paid on sovereign debt, and adopting the rule would assure this

A country could borrow all the money available, spend it on porn and drugs, and then not ever make any payments..

That would be sad, and highly unlikely, but that would be the failure of a government, and would require a wholesale failure of the banking system, as local fiduciaries and actuaries will oversee each sovereign investment…

…and those people would need to find new banks, but since their trust only contains the right to loan money into existence, and is tied to unique biometric data, it is not at risk, and they may transfer it to any accredited bank at any time (another little shift of power, relative to the powers that be owning so much of banking)

Thanks again for your continued push for illumination

(the gate keepers won’t discuss this.. conversation tends to break down when I ask why they think the full faith and credit of white people is worth more than darker ones.. otherwise they’ve got nothing.. BIEN blocks my comments, and I’m a member)

I noticed that you worked in the space program.. my second full time job was with OAO at Goddard, ‘72-’73, on an RCA contract, operating the analog recorder and PCM.. for less than minimum wage.. joined the Army for a big raise

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