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I suspect you are making it more complex than it is

This does not steal, take, or re-distribute anything, it recognizes, organizes, and distributes the right to create money by borrowing it, and distributes the interest paid on sovereign debt to each.

The wealth of the few is only oppressive when those few make all the decisions. This structure, as noted, delegates a very large amount of decision making to local actuaries and fiduciaries, reducing the control of those wealthy few without depriving them of their property (beyond the usual taxation)

“Since common people don’t know how to manage money, make investments, and such…” the structure places that responsibility in the hands of community fiduciaries handling trust accounts, and an actual social contract that will include the government’s responsibility to provide adequate regulation and oversight to secure the Common trusts. This provision also enables each to buy secure interest in those corporations, making them more democratic and responsive to human considerations

|”Why would anyone care about paying more taxes?” THAN THEY COLLECT FROM THEIR COMMONS SHARE

Really, cutting off quotes is BS… and disingenuous… in the worst case ones taxes may increase approximately the same as their BI, so it would be a wash, unless they need the money, and then they wouldn’t be paying more in taxes

You got fixated on the potential maximum debt, there is no requirement to reach that, and there is no guarantee that such a treasury would ever be acquired, or be depleted. There is a reasonable expectation that some relatively stable level of debt may be maintained, and that net worth can grow to a positive number

Graphs can be informative, but those dotted lines indicate how projections fail, we can disagree, but I will maintain that a debt large enough to provide basic income from the interest is sustainable, if only from the position that the cost is the same or less than providing the same basic income as welfare

“The part about human dignity doesn’t come from a sovereign state, it comes from the Sovereign Lord.” …and this structure is how the meek inherit the Earth

This structure provides some things, the advantages are not detracted by what it does not do, it won’t make coffee either, but that was never a claim or requirement… additional needs, as I noted, are subjects for the social contracts

The ability to retire with dignity, as well as live with dignity, is only enhanced with enfranchisement

Since we can not judge the effort of others, we must include them all, and leave their judgement to Others

“Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.” Mind we were told to have no company with those who do not obey, not to deny them the interest on their property

It is work to cooperate with society, and follow law. This and whatever other requirements are included in ones social contract fill the requirement of work for food, this is not nothing

Demoralizing, is the single state welfare distributions proposed as Basic Income

It may comfort you in some way to believe that people were once better than they are now, it is not true, you obviously have a bible

(Didn’t Jesus also say the rich should pay for the needs of the poor?)

Again, you seem to force attributes on the thing that don’t apply

If God gave each of us a trust fund, that we should never be destitute, would you feel the same?

He has brought us through many trials, and overseen the creation of a flawed society, that has the capacity to provide this trust, this covenant between and among people and governments, to become just this little bit less flawed… I pray

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